Come in and join the fun!


What is Planet Aeverian?

Planet Aaeverian is the only official fancommunity for German Modern Metal band Aeverium. There is no other fancommunity or fan club out there which is backed directly by the band.

Are there any costs for community members?

No, Planet Aeverian is free of charge. 

Why do I have to register myself?

We want you to become part of the inner Aeverium circle which would also enable you to benefit from exclusive features. To ensure exclusiveness we need to ask for registration. All you need to register is a valid e-mail address, a nice user name and a password. 

Is Planet Aeverian run by the band itself?   

No, the fancommunity is privately run (non-profit). We are all fans like you, but do have a close relation to the band members.

Where can I find Planet Aeverian?

The main homebase is this website which we want to develop and enhance within the upcoming months. Additionally you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, but please note that exclusive content will only be published on the main website. If possible we will also be present at all Aeverium gigs in the future. Get in touch with us!

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